T-shirts and caps arrived!



lu's facepaintingLu’s facepainting is coming to farmageddon between 2.30pm and 5.30pm so kids can run around looking like prairie animals to complement their parent’s double denim. Gotta keep those little critters entertained!


S19007 Thomas Pearson ProofWe have most excellent T-shirts to complement your denim tuxedo… available in girl and boy fit as well as kids and babies sizes…

Afternoon Cocktails at the Cougar Cocktail Cabin…

The wonderful AlA_C-Cex is back with his masterful collection of Prairie inspired cocktails and mocktails to start the afternoon and ease you into the evening.

Bringing the kids…

cute baby

So as we all get grown up there do seem to be a lot more sprogs running around. Indeed I think several of them may have been conceived at some of our wilder Farmageddons back in the early naughties (a particularly loud tent incident springs to mind).

We are always happy to see them at Farmageddon and enjoy watching them all grow up over the years (and continue to purchase our baby and kids T-shirts!)

Children can come for free. Cash strapped exhausted parents who can’t excessively partake in the bar and have to leave before the crazy partying have a reduced donation of £30 per parent.

There will be most excellent free mocktails available for said hard working teetotaling parents to help make up for being next to an all day free bar that you cannot partake in (see separate post about Alex’s cocktail bar).

We are hoping to have a large play tent and potentially other child friendly activities, just finalising these.

PLEASE BE AWARE – this is a working farm and although we will make every reasonable effort to make it safe, it is your parental responsibility to look out for them!

It’s Happening… September 12th 2015!

Yes we’re back and Livin’ on a Prairie


e-invites went out in June…

If you haven’t received an e-invite and feel you should be coming along, email us (farmageddon@gmail.com) and tell us who you know and we’ll send you one.

If you have some lovely friends you want to invite along then email us (farmageddon@gmail.com) with their names and email addresses and we will send then an e-invite.


and we want you all to come in your finest Canadian Tuxedo

prewash denim