Don’t be worryin’ ’bout no rain… sun forecast for Saturday!

Weather 7thSo there is going to be a bit of rain of Friday… but check out the forecast for Saturday!

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 9 out of 10 Farmageddons have been dry and the one it did rain (back in 2005) we all coped just fine and still had a mightily fine time…just in case though, we have catered for your dry comfort with plenty of covered space

Received an e-invite and want to bring some friends?…


There is still time!.. if there are a few special friends that you want to invite email us at with their full name and email address and we can send them an e-invite.

The Age of Eggquarius…

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Back by popular demand we will be hurling eggs at each other from 3pm. This game will probably also involve kaftans, tambourines and beards… we’re working on the details.


Farmageddon_T-shirts copy

We have over 100 yellow, brown and tie-dye t-shirts for the dedicated follower of fashion.

£10 each

Mens, ladies, kids

XS, small, medium, large, XL

The permutations are mind boggling.

Draft Dodgers Cocktail Bar


The wonderful Alex is back with his cocktail wizardry at the Draft Dodgers cocktail bar… the Martini Luther King, The Mai-Tie-Dye, The Jin Morrison… oh the possibilities are endless!

Smoothie Bike!


Yes! Our good friend Rob King from Outspokendelivery is kindly bringing along his marvelous smoothie bike contraption so we can start the afternoon off healthy. If this all sounds too much please fell free to take your smoothie over to Alex at the Draft Dodgers Cocktail Bar for a medicinal top-up (see above)…

It’s Happening… Farmageddon 2013 – September 7th!

You should have received an e-invite…

If you haven’t received an e-invite and feel you should be coming along, email us ( and tell us who you know and we’ll send you one.